Sunday, January 10, 2010

Statement of Purposelessness

So I have found myself here, and it seems like a good idea to justify that fact, and explain what I intend to do here. Here I intend to give an outlet for my critical mind, directed any direction that strikes my fancy, examining whichever works I feel like examining—works which for the sake of convenience, I’m just going to lump into the category of “the arts”. Often that direction might seem unworthy, it might seem that I’m over-thinking things, and perhaps I will be, but I’ll get back to that. Often my tastes will seem insufficiently varied, woefully uninformed, or out-dated, and often I’ll likely be blathering about things only I notice or seem to care about. Often I’ll seem pretentious or very deranged. And I’ll at times show a callous disregard for proper written English and the conventions of sentence structure.

But I have a love, a love of the narrative experience in its myriad of forms. I love to pull them apart, look at the pieces, see how they fit together, and contemplate how they work, or how they don’t, and my hope shall be that this will be a proper outlet for that drive. Here, I intend to pick apart and study the media I enjoy, the films, books, shows, and games in which I partake, perhaps coming to an insight, perhaps not. Either way, I get to share, and hope some of you out there will come and do the same.

Yes, I am likely to write often about The Wire.

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