Monday, October 25, 2010

The "You'll Love This" Project

“You don’t watch Show X?” I hear it often, and not necessarily in connection to something I obviously won’t like. Usually, it’s something I would like, or even, dare I say, love. I understand the impulse and the shock completely—the desire to share, the hope of finding a kindred spirit—and I’m a well-established, indeed even infamous prophet of my favorites, The Wire, Deadwood, Futurama, Farscape, and so on. But I’m only human, I couldn’t keep with everything. At least until Netflix brought streaming to my PS3.

Over the past year or so, I’ve availed myself of this service, catching up with some of the decade’s greats, and beyond, shows which my fandom status was considered a given. Some were rousing successes. Some went down in well earned flames. I have elected to catalog both in a series of columns, detailing my experience with these select few, shows people could have sworn I’d said I loved. Observe as I delve into the deepest jungles of geekdom, highest mountains of hipster-love, widest oceans of mainstream respectability, and darkest caverns of obscurity, and try to grasp the beating heart of what makes me a fan.

And I'll keep track of who wears Converse All-Stars. Can't forget that.

On the Block:
Arrested Development
Avatar: The Last Airbender
Veronica Mars
Twin Peaks
Aeon Flux
Doctor Who


  1. Brilliant idea!!! I eagerly anticipate the future installments...

  2. Only one request....please document the least sexy quote from each series as well :)

  3. Least Sexy Quote is a great idea, but a challenge. Maybe I'll just do least sexy moment.

  4. I might add Burn Notice to your list...a little mainstream and predictable but good dialogue.