Monday, March 5, 2012

Waiting for Reapers: I’m Totally Right

            Nothing provides sustenance sweeter than the delicious taste of correctness. Many moons ago, I wrote about the silly controversy over the hair color of Commander Shepard, Mass Effect’s mutable protagonist. My thesis: in light of her undisputed badassery, the worries over Lady Shepard’s hair color are stupid and superficial, possibly speaking to a very vexing and insidious type of sexism. I may never be vindicated on the latter bit, but the former? Oh man.
            After all the dramatics and hair changes, Lady Shepard got an official trailer, at long last:

            I believe the results speak for themselves. Lady Shepard get’s it all, as far as badassery goes, from commanding starships, to running from explosions, to charging massive monstrosities, to trash talking desk jockeys, to punching dudes to take out her aggression, to firing a gun during a flying car chase. She even gets an over-the-top dramatic chorus, and closes with a kiss-off line, which, I hasten to add, is delivered to a 100 meter tall millions of years old sentient genocidal machine she has just shot in the face. Ironically, this trailer is pretty much straight action, while Dude Shepard (who, it must be said, gets the lion’s share of the face time in marketing) has gotten trailers of a much more mournful flavor.
            Imagine how little her hair color changes anything.

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